Thursday, July 14, 2005

Mud it's not just for facials

mud .. it's not just for facials..

Last night after work .. I went with R* out to Rock Creek Park.. and we did some trail running..on part of the Western Ridge trail.. It was a blast. It's so much fun to be outside running around in the park.. sooo much better than running on treadmills, concrete, tracks, umm airports, pretty much more fun than running anywhere.

We saw lots of deer, lightning bugs, ate some wild raspberries (not WHILE we were running).. we had to cut past this one part of the golf course…. Which was pretty funny.. when a few golf balls went popping off trees near us.. FORE!!! .. And I thought we just had to keep our eye out for murderers in the woods.. who knew we had to look out for stray golf balls too!

Before we left R* watered the plants in the community garden near the park.. I got to take home a bunch of tomatoes and green beans.. yum.. I can't wait to have them with dinner tomorrow night.. Thanks R*!

My legs were DONE .. by the time I took the metro home. climbed the escalator stairs.. I get home and just want to go to bed.. but.. there was a Dominion power truck in the driveway.. and the elevators in the building were out!! More stairs!! Luckily I only live on the 4th floor .. (stalkers take note) .. [ahhh.. but I've moved since then....]

What I learned last night :

Wild Raspberries are a million times better than the ones in the stores.

There are deer in DC! Who knew?!

Lightning bugs are awesome.. they make everything twinkle like Disney World.

I'll never take elevators for granted again.

Running on trails outside on the dirt, up the hills, over the rocks and streams is fantastic fun.. and the people you get to share that with … well they know you like no one else does.