Monday, May 12, 2008

We made the DCist !

Check it out! Tina and I made the "Photo of the Day" in the DCist...OK well WE didn't.. but our spaces and art at Artomatic did.....

Photo of the Day: May 12, 2008

If you sat at home all weekend, you're likely the only one in the Metro region who did. Between Artomatic's opening weekend, National Cathedral's Lighting to Unite event, or six hour roundtrip drives to Nissan Pavilion, you got our Flickr pool jampacked with the weekend's goings-on. We decided not to torture some of you with this great shot of Johnny Greenwood, especially after we saw this lovely photo by Aardvark_For_Freedom of a lady taking her time to check out a couple Artomatic booths. We've been hearing good things about this year's show so far, so be sure to set some time aside for a couple trips to cover the entire exhibition.

Friday, May 02, 2008