Sunday, October 30, 2005

Who Says First Dates Can't Be Great ?

The Event:
Sunday, October 30, 2005
DC United - Chicago Fire
Kickoff 4:30 pm
RFK Stadium

The invitees:
Me, Matt, a group of people he plays soccer with, and his two good friends from high school (who happen to be women)

The challenge:
Meet new guy, be cute, funny, interesting, AND try to make sure that his female friends like you too!

The plan:
Have friend/co-worker/soccer fan(Thanks T!) fill you in on local soccer hangouts like Summers in Arlington, teach you cool DC United soccer lingo like La Barra Brava, the Screaming Eagles, La Norte, review the FIFA rules of soccer, (find out what a FIFA is?!), go shopping and purchase red and black face paint. (OK maybe not)

The result:
[D.C. United saw their bid to repeat as MLS Cup champion ended at the conference semifinal stage, suffering a heavy 4-0 defeat by the Chicago Fire in the second leg on Sunday afternoon at RFK Stadium.]

OK so it wasn't a good day for DC United.. but it was a great date for us. We had a fun time at the game, went to dinner after had great conversation and a lot in common.

Game Day Photos From: Yellow Card Journalism Photo Service

The next day made plans for Date 2: Fall Foliage Frolicking on Skyline Drive and a pick-your-own apple orchard.. I was told they would have apple trees, homemade pies, and cute farm animals... doesn't get any better than that.!

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Hey.. It's supposed to be the Army 10 Miler !

This years Army 10 miler.. turned out to be the Army 11 something miler.. Thanks to everyone I trained with in the DC Road Runers.. to our coaches and the great people in my group.! Here is a photo of the 'official' finish line.. that we never got to cross.... and a picture of my group coach, my friend and myself crossing the 'unofficial' finish line... :)