Friday, August 25, 2006

Thief in the Garden

Last night Matt and I went to the garden to water the plants and to check on the progress of the tomato plants. We had a bet going. Matt thought the fruit would be ripe, I thought no way. Well, we will never know who was right. Someone went in and stole my tomatoes right off the plants.

It makes me very sad. It's bad enough to have someone steal a material possession of yours. However, these things are often replaceable. My tomatoes were a product of my hard work.

I'm feeling in the dumps and not motivated to keep gardening in a community garden where your plants are unprotected from intruders.

I so envy people who have yards at their houses where they can spend time planting things.

Knowing occasionally that things will be eaten by critters is an expected event when you are a Gardner. While it's upsetting to have your fruits, veggies, and plants eaten by animals. You can almost feel OK about it, knowing that animals are part of nature. Gardner's always plant extra for the bugs and animals. But when a person goes into your garden and takes what isn't theirs. It's just shameful.

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