Monday, June 18, 2007

Baking AND Renewable Energy?

It's true.. my favorite local bakery has gone green.. yea for Cake Love.

DC Mayor Adrian Fenty recently joined with Clean Currents to announce a new alliance of locally-owned DC businesses switching to 100% green power to fight global warming.

A group of popular locally-owned DC businesses, including CakeLove, have switched over to 100 percent wind power in an effort to reduce dangerous greenhouse gas emissions and to encourage greater energy independence.

Working through the DC Area Local Business Alliance, which is a project of the Latino Economic Development Corporation, Clean Currents brought together numerous businesses near the U Street corridor to form a green energy buying group to reduce carbon emissions into the DC region's air.

As a result, CakeLove is now 100 percent wind powered!

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Elle said...

It is soo great that businesses are looking for ways to go green. Little changes add up over time. Our earth can use the help. Thanks for reporting on this one.l