Thursday, September 27, 2007

Marathon Training

The official start of my 'marathon training' was Monday September 24. When I'm running I like to catalogue the things I've seen. I guess it's something to keep my mind off what my body is trying to do.

So far this week I've seen.

2 chipmunks, a few cardinals, some really pretty wild flowers.. that's about it for 'nature'.

I do see some of the same people on my stretch of the trail all the time.. like..

-super fast speed walking, headphones wearing guy
-the lady in lavender
-dread lock dude on his bike
-creepy stalker bike riding dude with his hat on
-the jogging couple
-the rollerblading couple.. look out.. one of them is unsteady
-the speed walking group of ladies
-and the dog walkers....

I'll see you all on Saturday out there on the trail!

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