Monday, March 10, 2008

Gallery Girls Premier

Saturday was the inaugural outing of the "Gallery Girls", the hottest new club in the DC Metro area. OK, so there were only three of us going to a gallery and lunch.... but we hope that it grows into something more.
Saturday we went to the Smithsonian American Art Museum to see the "Color as Field:American Painting, 1950-1975" exhibit. The idea is to see a different exhibit once a month or so.

We saw works by Helen Frankenthaller, Morris Lewis, Rothko, and others. It was a really good show.

I'm looking forward to our adventures next month.


tinaduryea said...

Wow, those girls are HOT!

I bet a lot of randome guys came up and intorduced themselves to them!

Anonymous said...

They did.. like 3 or 4 guys just wandered over to the table and introduced themselves. Word must have gotten out about where the group was going to eat lunch!

Anonymous said...

Yea, the gallery girls blew into town over the weekend and caused quite a storm!! I hear the Color As Field exhibit was an experience as they pondered important questions (Why are male artists more successful than female artists? What inspired the timeless and tragic nature of the artwork? And, of course, can a painting TRULY be considered a piece of art if the title makes sense?)
I was surprised by the reaction of the guards who got in a tizzy over the girls attempt to understand a Frankenthaler painting .. they were just letting the work envelop their "scope of being" - like it says in the book! ..... Though the flurry of cute guys who dropped by the table at Gordon Biersch was a pleasant surprise!