Monday, August 14, 2006

Meet the new member of our family

This is Allie.

We brought Allie home from the Animal Welfare League of Arlington on Sunday August 13, 2006. They had so many cute cats that are waiting for homes. They also have dogs, rabbits, hamsters, birds and few Guinea pigs too. If your looking for a new friend, they are a good place to start.

So far she seems to be a pretty cool cat. She really likes her new pink mouse and sleeping in the dresser drawer with Matts basketball shorts. (there's really no accounting for taste)

She likes to attack her new toy.. Here's a picture
of her in full mouser mode.. Go Allie ! Go!


e4c5 said...
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Cindy Bug said...

I think Allie is so cute (and I am not even a cat lover!) I am so happy you have a new kitty buddy. No one can EVER replace Sammie, but Allie will be a nice new friend. I hope she is as snuggly a Sammie was.

Runner Girl DC said...

Thanks Cindy-- so far she is a pretty good cat.. and you're right about Sammie. :) He was the best.