Friday, May 25, 2007

Name that Bakery !

In the future I dream of opening a bakery.... I'm trying to think of a good name for it...... so I'm calling out to my friends to send me their suggestions...

So far I have:

Sweet Cakes
Amy's Cakes
Take the Cake
Sweet Dreams
Piece of Cake
Pies & Pastries
Cake Runner
Fill More Cakes
Pie In The Sky
New Country Bakery
Sweets 'n Treats by Amy
Sweets 'n Treats Bakery
Sweet Delights
Goodies by Amy
Lil' Taste of Heaven Bakery
Amy's Cookies & More
Present & Pasts Bakery
Shake and Bake
Buns of Fun
Oven Fresh
Rollin' in the Dough
Rise Above The Rest
Let Them Eat Cake
Amy's Biscuits
Nice Biscuits
Lovely Buns
Luscious Buttercups
Yeast World
Sugar Buzz Bakery

What are your ideas for a bakery name that people would remember?? Let me know!


Marce said...

mmmmmm I´m not feeling too creative right now haha
But I just wanted to welcome you to the Daring Bakers, I´m sure you are going to love the group :)

Miles said...

Of your ideas, I like Sweet Dreams. My suggestions:

The Cakery
Dough Re Mi
All You Need is Cake

Have you seen Jim Gaffigan's routine on cake?

Little Foodie said...

The heart of the tart, The Baking Barn, Bakery Barn, Bakers Barn. I've always loved the saying 'Let them eat cake' but I'm sure there must be others called this.... Cupcakes and Cookies. Gosh there are so many. Amy's Bakes. Amy's Bakery Barn.. I love the word barn.. as you can probably tell. Best stop there.